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Doctor Who Tumblr Style: "The End of Time" 1 | 2 (inspired by this x & x)

Pacific Rim, 2013

Pacific Rim, 2013




positive lady characters meme | Martha Jones + powerful/feminist moment

I was 900% prepared for her to flip the bird for science in this scene like oh here’s the bones of the finger that I use to say ‘fuck you’

hey remember when we used to have companions who were actualized individuals and not just puzzles to be solved


The Sims Tumblr Posts



#great  #throw together two men who know nothing of personal space #where’s castiel #might as well make it a party


  #I want to put Dean in the middle of this just to make him uncomfortable

guys what’s happening

g u y s.

The Doctor seemed lonely

i do what i want

Viva la vida loki

If there is a day this isn’t on my blog, you can assume I’m dead.




Viva la vida loki


If there is a day this isn’t on my blog, you can assume I’m dead.


roosterteeth meme: [3/10] minecraft let’s plays → episode 100 + clues

"What are we doing on this nice sunday afternoon, Geoff?"
"We’re spending hours upon hours upon hours building a world in minecraft for one second prank.” (x)


This movie is too damn hilarious for its own good.


At Animecon in the Netherlands, I found this booth selling new thermoplastics that work quite like Worbla but not completely.
CastFixx, CastFlex and CastForm have a fabric structure that makes them more sturdy, so you do not need to use the sandwich technique for durable armor (saves you a lot of material!). Also, CastFlex has a soft fabric on the backside- no more armor chafing off your skin! And their foams are just as great!

I got my hands on a test-set and tried out priming it - I will also have to try gesso soon.
So, this is how the materials react towards wood glue and filler. There is a small strip of worbla attached to each since this is what I will use for decorations (like in pic2)
I painted them silver because this color shows off the structure best. With 4 layers of woodglue, you can erase said structure though.
Maybe my little experiment helps someone choose the right material!

The materials can be seen and purchased at Minque.nl


before i go to bed, here are some thermoformed fun foam/EVA foam. yes, it’s possible and it was made with a bottle cap (cos i needed small orange ‘bumps’ for some pins i need), elastic band or a twist tie and a hair dryer.

i still have to clean the borders and finish the pins, but i’m happy this turned out so well :D

Hey I saw your shoulder armor response on someone's page and wanted to let you know they make sealer just for stuff like foam. It's in the paint section and its just called craft sealer. You can also make some with 1/2 white glue 1/2 water and a little fabric glue. I like the craft sealer better though because it dries quicker. I love craft foam. It's a great medium!! Cheers.


Thanks for the info!  I’ll definitely look it up next time I need to work with craft foam.  :D


Hello everyone!

I am finally posting my breastplate tutorial! I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. It can be used to make other’s breastplates as well such as Sayaka Miki’s.


What you need:

  1. Camping foam
  2. Thinner (2mm) hobby foam
  3. Gesso
  4. White acrylic paint
  5. Sliver acrylic paint
  6. Krazy…


The making of my breastplate for my Rennisance festival armor!

Feel free to message me for the details ^____^ definately a fun piece to make!



>///< You’ll have to teach me, anon. I am clueless in the ways of love~


I’m guessing you meant armor! :)

I am not incredibly well-versed, but I have read enough to tell you this - the BEST way depends on your budget, skill set, time frame, etc.

So here are SOME methods (speed!